About Ouissam:

Ouissam Youssef made his beginnings as an entrepreneur through a series of online ventures.

The Internet Entrepreneur presently serves as President of Valsef Capital Inc. ("Valsef") which was established in June of 2011.  He is also a beneficial shareholder of Valsef. 

Mr. Youssef has in the past also served as Chief Executive Officer and Board member of various other companies which he both created and developed.

In June of 2004, he co-founded a group of Internet-based companies and until April 2009 acted as its Chief Executive Officer then later stepping down serving as Chairman.  From 2004 to 2009, he co-founded and developed a variety of other highly successful online companies and served on the Board of these various businesses.

Currently, Mr. Youssef manages his personal holding company through various high level investments andas well as presiding over Valsef Capital. Ouissam Youssef manages his personal holding company through investments in various sectors including the health, wellness and fitness industry and technology based stocks.  With a team of in-house accounting and legal advisors he has a wide range of interests and investments. Through Valsef, Mr. Youssef and his partners seek to generate sustainable positive returns by undertaking calculated risks for their investments. 

In addition, Mr. Youssef has been involved with charitable organizations through substantial donations. He is now interested in building a foundation that will help impoverished children play organised sports. He and his team are actively looking to invest in diverse real estate and online ventures. 

Future Vision:

Internet Entrepreneur Ouissam Youssef's vision is a new project that has been started by some contributors and his team. This constitutes some angel funding for various start-up companies in exchange for a stake in the company. Then the goal is to donate this stake to a foundation which will be selected in the future. This innovative project was started to spur entrepreneurial behaviour in Canada while keeping philanthropy and the well being of their society in mind in these business procedures.


  • Fishing
  • Hockey
  • Traveling
  • Boating
  • Other philanthropic activities related to active participation in certain foundations


Mr. Youssef can be contacted through the contact form here.